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#27 Visualize Carousel Content

Carousels are used in very similar ways across very distinct types of websites and industries. As it turns out they seem to be effective for brand "advertising" but depending on how they are implemented they may even be ineffective in getting users to content they care about.

One reason for its ineffectiveness is the fact that oftentimes libraries are used that were built by developers. Understandably, those developers care more about efficient code than good usability.

If there is a carousel on your site, you may want to check out these potential improvements:

  • • Below the carousel indicate with pictures what content the other slides contain
  • • Increase the size of the dots below the carousel (e.g. see Fitt's Law)
  • • Change from dots to rectangles (below carousel)
  • • Establish a clear contrast between the arrows left/right and the content/image below it
  • • Make the arrows bigger or place them outside the carousel
  • • Place a bit of content of the next slide on the right hand side of the current slide to indicate "more" content
#27 Visualize Carousel Content