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#22 Make Users Return

#22 Make Users Return

How can you make your users return to your app after they have left it? There are a few different scenarios out of which I will talk about 2 today. (Reach out to me if you seek help with implementation).

Scenario A: When users jump from an iOS app to the browser (or any another mobile app for that matter) they are generally not enticed to go back to that app (compared to Android that has a "Back" button). However, Chrome for iOS can be "told" to show a button in the nav-bar through which the user can directly jump back to the previous app. The class is called "OpenInChromeController" and you can find more details here.

Scenario B: But what to do when your iOS users need to go to the browser like Mobile Safari or Opera? There are 2 cases:

  • 1 - A user goes to a random website
  • 2 - A user goes to your website (detailed below)

Regarding 2: How do we entice a user to return: When a user leaves your app through a link to your website, the link must contain some info from where they are coming (the specific screen in your app). Your website then shows a button to jump back to that screen in your app. To pull this off your app must support iOS URL schemes

Step-by-step & 2do's:

  • • Implement URL Schemes in your app
  • • Pass "deep link info" to your sites' web server via the URL when user jumps out of your app to your mobile site
  • • Show a fat "Return" button
  • • The user clicks "Return" and jumps back to the screen they had left before

Happy to answer questions or help with implementation, just reach out.

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