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#21 Don't Click & Wait

#21 Don't Click & Wait

I am having many conversions with my developer friend Patrick about how to mockup UI ideas. Recently, we quickly turned to the topic of "Speed" in user interfaces.

However, it appears that we as designers and developer are still stuck in the request/response mindset, or the "Click+Wait" approach like Alex MacCaw calls it.

  • • You, the designer, can drive the change in mindset across your company, for a faster and smoother UX
  • • Interfaces should be non-blocking, interactions resolved instantly
  • • Assume that changes to the UI can be fully resolved on the users' computer, not the server
  • • Make clear to your devs what you envision before your wireframe work starts, not when you are finishing them
  • • Not all interfaces may work that way, hence you need to design a users' waiting time as well
  • • And finally, make a valid case when your dev pushes back by saying "We need to wait for the server's response first"

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