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#17 Visual Clarity

#17 Visual Clarity

This is coming out of a current project of ours and was partly inspired by a post by @aub (Aubrey Johnson) about the iOS icon design. I will apply it more broadly.

The heavy adaption of Apple's latest visual design approach across web and mobile screen designs, not just icons, makes life hard for visual designers because the reduction of visual cues results in less hierarchy and understanding and therefore cognitive fatigue. The votum on the polls that compare the icon design of iOS7 is quite clear.

Now, the image on UX.HANDSON.CO shows the bottom end of a mobile website which shall animate the visitor to keep on browsing. I used the iOS icon style on the left and then applied the learnings to the part on the right:

  • • Colored borders, unfilled squares and rectangles, random lines or loads of text make screens appear complex and hard to read
  • • Apply the learnings from iOS icon design on a broader scale, not just icon design, to achieve quicker and clearer understanding of the information at hand

The reduced screen (content and visuals) on the right will help a visitor read (understand) the content faster and make her move on way quicker.

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